Mark Roth, the person behind the organizer, has had an eye for Organization his entire life. From a small child, he began organizing things around his parents house and decided early on that he had a creative talent that should not go unnoticed.

Mark graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communication. He moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to begin his career with Universal Pictures. From there, Mark worked as a Consultant for several companies, within the creative arena, and decided in 2003 to branch off on his own and create Lifestyle Organization.

With a desire to keep his firm small and intimate, this has allowed Mark to create more of a one on one relationship with clients to make sure that each and every project is given the personal attention necessary for a successful completion.

His work as a Project Manager in Marketing, Advertising, Design, General Business and Entertainment has enabled him to create organization within disorganized industries. This being said, by trade, Mark is a Project Manager and offers his experience and expertise to clients who have a business and desire a more logical, professional and comprehensive way to operate, manage clients and projects more efficiently and develop a more structured approach to effectively run their business.

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