Mark Roth founded his Lifestyle Organization Firm in 2003. His goal has been to provide a service for people who simply just don't have the time or understanding of how beneficial it is to be organized and structured in their daily lives. Mark is able to uniquely and creatively develop a more useful and conducive environment for his clients by understanding his clients needs and goals and bringing those visions to life. With an eye for helping clients to better utilize their home or office space and rid themselves of the clutter and disarray that life brings about, Mark has progressively established himself within this industry setting himself apart from potential competitors.

The process is simple - Most people are way too busy or simply don't have the know how to organize their living or office space and that is where Mark comes in.
His service offers his clients the ability to work side by side with Mark, as a team, so that he may offer them suggestions, tips and unique ideas to create structure, balance and a space that will ultimately enhance the comfort and productivity of his clientele. It all depends on his clients needs as that is the most important factor when establishing a working relationship.

Cost depends on the job itself, which Mark would assess after a detailed phone conversation or at an in person Consultation. A phase by phase Project Estimate and Overview would be produced, highlighting a complete breakdown of the process and time frame to complete the project. Upon acceptance of the terms of the contract, Mark would schedule time, completely around his clients schedule, beginning the exciting journey of bringing to life the reality and benefits of the creation and structure of an organized environment for his client.

His services include but are not limited to:

*Home/Office Organization
*Better Use of Space
*Furniture Layout
*Project Management
*Scheduled Maintenance

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